2023 eCalendar

Friends of the Fox River announces the 2023 eCalendar

Welcome to the 2023 Friends of the Fox River eCalendar. 

The format is an editable pdf that allows you to add your own events: birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, medical appointments, etc. The format will work on a smart phone, iPad or computer. Photographs are in screen resolution and may also be used as wallpaper or lock screen. Some of the photographers featured sell high resolution prints of their work; we will provide their contact information.

The eCalendar will be sent in an email blast to Friends and is available for download on www.fotfr.org. Although the eCalendar will not hide a nail hole on the wall, it will allow you to take scenes of the Fox River with you wherever you travel.

The January photograph was taken by Willis Lambertson. The photographic notes include: Photo was taken at Buffalo Park Forest Preserve in Algonquin on March 7, 2022 during a snowstorm.

To download the eCalendar pdf, click here or hover your cursor directly underneath the calendar image, then click the “Download” button.

We found an issue with some iPhones and iPads, corrected with Acrobat Reader (free) or Acrobat Pro. Download if not on your device. The calendar file is then saved in Acrobat and then then viewable and fully editable. 

The steps for iPhone Pad from website:

1) Install Acrobat Reader or Pro if not already installed. 
2) Click on download button for calendar 
3) Once download complete save calendar file in Acrobat

Installing from e-mail the steps would be the same.

For PC: Simply download to desktop and open. (Again, you should have Acrobat loaded on the device)