Organize a River Cleanup or Celebration

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, Friends of the Fox River will coordinate the 3rd annual “It’s Our Fox River Day” on the entire Fox River from Waukesha, Wisconsin to Ottawa, Illinois in collaboration with organizations and communities throughout the entire Fox River watershed.

It’s Our Fox River Day celebrates the way the Fox River connects communities from its headwaters near Waukesha, Wisconsin, to its confluence with the Illinois River in Ottawa, Illinois.

Do you love the Fox River? Does seeing trash along it’s banks bother you? Do you want to do something about it? You can host a river cleanup in your community and Friends of the Fox River will help.

We encourage individuals, groups and organizations to run a clean-up along the river, but some other ways to help and celebrate the river include, but are not limited to, a canoe clean-up, bike trail clean-up, a family creek walk, birding, fishing, paddling, riverside yoga, a community water blessing, art making, or a river photography workshop. Creative, fun, all ages community events and celebrations are what will make “It’s Our Fox River Day” a strong tradition in all of our communities.

Friends of the Fox River will work closely with you to help you plan, produce and publicize a river cleanup or celebration in your community.

We can:

  • help you plan a river cleanup or community celebration
  • help you apply for a special event permit
  • provide required event insurance for your cleanup
  • help you publicize your cleanup
  • recruit, register, inform and thank volunteers

To learn how to organize an It’s Our Fox River Day cleanup in your community, click here for our River Cleanup Organizer’s Toolkit.

To register your cleanup, fill out the form below.

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