Fox River

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Find The Fox Canoe Trip #1

River Trip #1 Cornish Park, Algonquin to Fox River Shores Forest Preserve Boat Ramp – 3.5 miles This season’s river trips starts out easy with the shortest trip of the series. After a brief paddling skills review and safety talk, we’ll put in from Cornish Park. We’ll start out paddling in shallow water with occasional … Read more

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Taking the Pulse of Friends of the Fox River

by Gary Swick As President, I annually attend River Network’s national River Rally. It is an opportunity to network, learn about advancements, discuss issues, and have fun with river advocates from every state and a few other continents. It’s always a wonderful opportunity for me to acquire resources that I can bring back to help … Read more

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Meet Your Neighbors! “Fox Snakes”

Fox Snakes in the Fox Valley by Jack MacRae Fox snakes hatch hungry. During the summer, baby mini-constrictors use their egg tooth to cut a slit from inside their egg. After emerging, they’ll shed once before heading off to hunt for newborn rodents. They grow fast and furious (to a length of 40 inches in … Read more

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Our Waters, Our Fox

Article written for the April 2017 “Bravo Magazine” by Dean Tripp Our Fox By its very nature a river belongs to more than one people, place and time. Our Fox is no exception. The water flowing into and out of it is a resource we can’t create or destroy; we can only attempt to manage … Read more

Spring Has Sprung! (How your yard affects the Fox River)

by Gary Swick-  I hear folks are anxious to get started on their yard maintenance. This is a season of increased threats to local water quality from poor yard management decisions. Many residential properties are close to a street drain that goes directly to a local stream or the Fox River without any treatment. When … Read more