Water Remembers

By Gary Mechanic, Executive Director Last spring at our amazing “Love Our River Day“ clean-up and community celebration in Elgin, Kathy Haerr offered a water blessing during which she said: “Water has a memory”. I mentally scoffed at the idea. I took her to mean that water has a memory the way we have a … Read more

blue green algae microphotograph

Blue Greens in the Fox – Another Dam Matter

By Art Malm, P. E., FOTFR Director A disclaimer: The study of algae is a huge and enormously complex science. Every generality thought to be true has its exceptions. Even the word algae should be printed with an asterisk, explaining its use to be generally related to microscopic organisms that have chlorophyll or similar means … Read more

Who Drinks the Fox River?

By Kyla Jacobsen, FOFR Board Member Years ago, people settled and communities grew up along rivers. People and animals had access to water and it was an easy way to transport goods by rafts or floats down the river. There were no dams back in those days and it allowed adequate fish passage, goods passage … Read more

Strategic Planning – Retreat to Advance

Strategic Planning Retreat – A Unifying Spirit By Gary Swick We all seem to have different methods of charting our courses. Some of us planetary creatures live our lives by being blown by the winds of fate from one place to another. This may work fine for milkweed seeds, but is risky business for some … Read more

National Day of Action – Elgin Event

Elgin Green Groups, 350.org, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice, Friends of the Fox River and Schweitzer Environmental Center will join with 350.org, CREDO, the Sierra Club, and others across the country in a national day of action in solidarity with tribal nations calling on President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline permanently. … Read more

Earth Day Celebration

 Join us at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center We will be hosting a booth along with dozens of environmentally conscious vendors and gathering pledges to conserve and improve our water quality. There will be music, food and plenty of fun to share with your family.