Caring for the Fox River

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Watershed Protection

The Fox River can’t defend itself. When its health is threatened, Friends of the Fox River speaks and acts on the river’s behalf. The river can’t clean itself either. Participate in shoreline and on-the-water river cleanups from April to October.



We are building a watershed community of caretakers through providing hands-on, outdoor learning experiences throughout the Fox River Watershed.


Public Outreach

We want to engage with diverse members of the hundreds of watershed communities.  If you live, work, study, or play in the Fox River Watershed, your perspective matters to us.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Subscribe to our newsletter. Volunteer. Donate. JOIN US!

Support the Friends of the Fox River

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Fox River Dam Removal | FAQ’s

Learn more about Fox River dam removal and river restoration by visiting our Dam FAQ’s page. Explore other river-related topics under the Resources tab on the top menu.

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Creating a Watershed of Caretakers

Thank you for helping protect and restore the Fox River! Your financial or in-kind donations directly support our river protection efforts: education events, cleanups, stream monitoring, and habitat improvement.

2023 Photo Contest

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Thank you for your photo submissions!

The contest deadline has passed, and we are in the process of selecting the winning photos. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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Watershed Warriors Wins ESFF Award

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Watershed Warriors, a short documentary film featuring Friends of the Fox River, is part of an international series focused on protecting waterways worldwide.

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