Education Committee


  1. Educate citizens about environmental conditions, threats and opportunities in the Fox River Watershed. Gary Swick and Otter Creek Middle School
  2. Manage the Fox River Watershed Monitoring Network operations. This includes staff, equipment, communications, scheduling,  financing, data management and field procedures.
  3. Manage educational displays, activities, scheduling and presentations at events.
  4. Develop/improve formal Outreach Education programs/curricula as needed.
  5. Develop and implement informal education programs and curricula at Schweitzer Environmental Center (S.E.C.). This includes our new Watershed Academy (informal adult environmental education) programming and development of an Education Advisory Council (AKA Education Think Tank).

Current Members:

Gary Swick, Chair
Gary Mechanic, Watershed Academy (community education programs)
Doug Williamson, Advisory Council
Jennifer Howard, Media development
Meghan Yancey, Lead Outreach Educator
Emily Dombrowski, Outreach Educator
Antoinette White, Outreach Educator
Michelle Solland, Outreach Educator
Kathy Kelly, Outreach Educator
Dave Murk, Outreach Educator

Community Members
Jeni Schivone
Cindy Wendt
Jessica Mino
Jennifer Schmidt
Holly Yee
Jackie Kamber
Judy Boehme

Meeting Schedule:

The Education Committee meets at 5 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at S.E.C.

Volunteers Needed:

We are always looking for environmental educators experienced in formal, and informal educational settings.

Committee Contact:

Gary Swick – email