Executive Committee


  1. The Executive Committee shall see that all orders and resolutions of this organization and the Board of Directors are implemented.
  2. Provide general oversight and direction for the organization and board.
  3. Supervise staff.
  4. Guide board recruiting and development.
  5. Review organization By-Laws and recommend updates as needed.
  6. Direct an annual cycle of review and implementation of the organization’s Strategic Plan.
  7. Perform other functions as described in Article IX, Section 2 of the By-Laws.
  8. Develop the monthly board meeting agenda

Current Members:

Gary Swick, President and Committee Chair
Doug Williamson, Vice President
Cheryl Crates, Treasurer
Kyla Jacobsen, Director

Meeting Schedule:

The Executive Committee meets on the Wednesday preceding each board meeting 4 pm to 5:30 pm on Zoom.

Volunteers Needed:

This committee is composed of officers and experienced board members. It is not open to volunteers.

Committee Contact:

Gary Swick – email president@friendsofthefoxriver.org