When is It’s Our Fox River Day?

IOFRD is always the third Saturday in September. 

Does an It’s Our Fox River Day event have to include a cleanup?

No. IOFRD is a day of service and celebration for the precious resource we share.  Acknowledge the day in any way that suits you and your community group.  Here are some things others have done:

  • Clean-ups – shoreline, on water, roadside, park
  • Organizational Proclamations
  • Flower Blessing ceremonies
  • Native American ceremonies
  • Shoreline Yoga/Tai Chi
  • Business specials
  • Paddle/Flotilla events
  • Fishing events
  • Ecological restoration activities
  • Music/Art venues

Will FOTFR provide online registration for individual events?

Yes. All IOFRD events will have separate registration forms. FOTFR will email a registration list to event organizers to check people in. 

Should organizers collect contact information from volunteers that attend, but did not register?

Yes. Walk-up volunteers should sign a waiver and sign-in with their name and email address. Send a photo or scanned copy of your form to so we can thank all participants and share a summary of accomplishments. 

How will FOTFR publicize the event to attract more people?

The event details will be posted on from the time an event is created until the day of the event.  FOTFR will make social media posts, send out a press release, and send emails to our contact database encouraging participation throughout the months prior to the event. After the event, FOTFR will send a thank you to all volunteers, and continue communication with an IOFRD summary and recognitions.

Will FOTFR communicate with volunteers about last minute cancellations or changes?

Yes, Organizers will make the decision by 4 pm on the Friday before and changes will be posted on our website. 

Does FOTFR provide tools and bags for cleanups?

No. The size and geography of a watershed-wide event makes it impractical to outfit tools and bags for cleanups.  Basic tools like bags, rakes, shovels, and gloves can be brought by volunteers. Grocery-sized plastic bags work well for collecting trash. Compared to trash bags, grocery bags do not get as heavy and get filled completely before they go to the dumpster. FOTFR staff can work with hosts for other strategies including connecting with partners and other resources. See How to Organize a River Cleanup in 10 Easy Steps

Does FOTFR coordinate disposal after collection?

No. The scale of these events ranges from small neighborhood group efforts to municipal-wide cleanups complete with public works assistance.  The site organizers address disposal coordination in accordance with the landowner where the event takes place, like a state park, forest preserve, city park, or residential areas, including dividing trash up and placing it in home bins. Call us if you need help 815.356.6605.

Does FOTFR provide insurance for It’s Our Fox River Day Events?

Insurance needs are handled on a case by case basis.  Call FOTFR at 815.356.6605 if you need assistance with insuring your event. 

Do you have more questions?