Communication Committee


  1. Educate citizens about environmental conditions, threats and opportunities in the Fox River watershed
  2. Communicate with FOFR members
  3. Communicate with communities in the Fox River watershed
  4. Maintain & expand FOFR’s website
  5. Maintain an active Facebook page.
  6. Produce and distribute a monthly newsletter
  7. Produce and publish other marketing materials as directed by the board

Current Members:

  1. Chair – Kyla Jacobsen, FOFR Board
  2. Vice-Chair – Doug Williamson, FOFR Board
  3. LuAnne Lewandowski, FOFR Admin. Coordinator
  4. Gary Mechanic, FOFR Executive Director
  5. Gary Swick, FOFR Board
  6. Jenni Shiavone, FOFR Educator
  7. Jen Howard, Community Member
  8. Jessica Mino, Community Member
  9. Katie McAuliffe, Community Member
  10. Katelin Shields-Johnson, Community Member

Open seats – Community Members

Meeting Schedule:

Location: Zoom or at SEC
Meeting Time(s):  5:30-6:30 p.m.
Meeting Dates:  2nd Tuesday of the month

Volunteers Needed:

We need volunteers with experience in communications, marketing, web development, WordPress, editing, writing, video, social media, and graphic design.

Committee Contact:

Kyla Jacobsen – email