Finance Committee


  1. Increase Financial collaboration and transparency by:
    a. Consider on on-line version of QuickBooks and implement
    b. Create reports to reflect program/project accounting
  2. Improve Internal Financial Controls
    a. Ensure financial records and reports are accurate, updated and timely
    b. Consider process to allocate staff work by project, program, admin.
    c. Develop and implement annual financial planning cycle
  3. Review Budget projections for remaining 2021
    a. Review items that will affect FOFR favorably and unfavorably
    b. Items to be reviewed include; contracts, adequacy of revenues
  4. Review Board’s Projections (additional programs or reductions of programs) and make recommendations prior to final adoption
  5. Plan 2022 budget

Current Members:

  1. Chair – Cheryl Crates, Treasurer
  2. Vice-Chair – Kyla Jacobsen, Board Member
  3. Gary Mechanic, Executive Director
  4. Doug Williamson, Vice President
  5. Gary Swick, President
  6. Debbie Bertolami, Board Member
  7. Melinda Barton Anderson-Bookkeeper

2021 Meeting Schedule:

June 9, @ 11 am by Zoom
Sept. 8, @ 11 am by Zoom
Nov. 10, @ 11 am by Zoom
Dec. 8, @ 11 am by Zoom

Volunteers Needed:

Currently two seats are open to volunteers with accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting or financial planning experience.

Committee Contact:

Cheryl Crates, email: