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Meet the Raptors


November 12, 2023 @ 12:30 pm 2:00 pm

It’s a mystery exactly which birds will be coming to Schweitzer Environmental Center in Schweitzer Woods at 16N900 Sleepy Hollow Road in West Dundee. Much depends on the condition of the birds on the day of the program. There will be an owl and a falcon or hawk.

Did you know that many birds of prey (also known as raptors) can be found in our area? According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, these amazing animals have large eyes that face forward, powerful talons and a hooked beak. Their senses of hearing and vision are excellent. Female birds of prey are larger than males of the same species. Raptors are vital components of Illinois’ ecosystems and their associated food webs.

Join us to see an owl, hawk or falcon up close. You will learn fascinating facts about them and explore the various issues they face, including predator/prey relationships and the important role they have in our ecosystem. You will come away with a new understanding and a deep appreciation of these truly wild creatures that live among us.

The event is free but please register here, as space is limited.

Wings and Talons is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is staffed by all volunteers, who are dedicated to promoting awareness and conservation of raptors through educational programs. The raptors come to our care after a rehabilitation process has determined that they are not releasable back to the wild, when we take them in and commit to their care for the rest of their natural lives.  We are completely dependent on donations from the public and educational presentations, and 100% of all donations go directly for the care of the raptors. We volunteer our time for their care and at programs throughout the year at public events and at schools.