2024 Annual Calendar Sale

The Gift That Gives All Year

fotfr 2024 calendar cover final

Friends of the Fox River has the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Share your love of the Fox River throughout the entire year! Yes, it’s time for our 2024 FOTFR wall calendar!

In this edition we asked our photographers throughout the watershed to show us what they love about the Fox River. We received 69 stunning photos from 25 local photographers. Why? Because there is so much to love about the Fox River!

Our 2024 full-color, glossy, 12-month calendar is for sale at $20 each:

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No Back Up Generator Required!

Fully guaranteed to provide instant and random access to any month of the year even during power outages, or when you’re off the “grid.” This calendar is so GREEN, it’s beyond solar power! All your friends will appreciate this portable, self-contained, lightweight, battery-less planner.

The Power of the Pen!

The calendar will protect your loved ones by giving them the power of the pen. Once an appointment is written on the calendar with pen, it can never be deleted accidentally as can sometimes happen on digital devices. In addition, this calendar reduces the incidence of everything from chronic “Missed Mondays” and “Belated Birthdays” to the dreaded “Date Dementia.”

Order your calendars NOW before they’re all gone and you’re left to depend on some “Net” or “Cloud” to tell you what day it is!

Check out these amazing snapshots from last year’s 2023 wall calendar

lp grid b mckenna 1
Britta McKenna
lp grid a pearson fabyanlighthousefog rocks 1
Adam Pearson
lp grid i marcus 4 img 1218 egret on the fox by ira marcus
Ira Marcus
lp grid m herrera 2022 09 05 04 58 42 01
Mark Herrera
lp grid rachelle beardsley
Rachelle Beardsley
lp grid s thomas 2 img 3385
Thomas Shockey
lp grid thomas shockey 3 lippold park batavia cedar waxwing 2
Thomas Shockey
lp grid ruth mellenthin double rainbow fox river
Ruth Mellenthin
lp grid. exported 2365 1638226013056
Erin Hynes
lp grid s thomas 1 img 6453
Steve Thomas
lp grid m herrera 2022 09 05 05 01 13 01
Mark Herrera
lp grid willislambertson1
Willis Lambertson
lp grid marcus 5 fall on the fox by ira marcus
Ira Marcus
lp grid thomas shockey 1 common golden eye
Steve Thomas

Our new 2024 wall calendar has amazing snapshots too!