It’s July, go get wet!

Think Picnic


The parks are a great playground. Consider challenging yourself to pack a picnic experience with minimal waste. Be creative and find alternatives for disposable table coverings, utensils, plastic cups and even paper products like napkins. Reduce is the first and most important waste reduction strategy. Exit your site proud that you didn’t leave a mess for the management staff and local wildlife.

Peaceful Paddling

gary and marco
Gary Swick and Marco

All kinds of floating craft (even hand powered), including inflatables, are suitable for paddling around. You can plan an excursion from one point to another, or just explore in one place. Always wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Contact our partner Howling Wolfe for kayak rental, or email us at info@friendsofthefoxriver for advice. For many of us, floating on the river is true peace.

Fabulous Fishing

Tim Carp
Tim Carp enjoying fishing in the Fox.

It is not necessary to travel outside of our watershed for high quality fishing experiences. Special request here: pack out what you pack in. Within the clean-up community, fishing spots are known for their abundant trash. Let’s change that reputation, and leave sites better than we found them.

The Wonders of Wading

rusty rodeo copy
Rusty Rodeo 2021

Special memories are made by wading shallow areas in search of nature’s surprises. Many of our watershed’s parks contain wadable streams. ALWAYS wear shoes, as we unfortunately have a legacy of past trash in the form of broken glass EVERYWHERE. Enjoy dragonflies, mussel shells, and animal tracks. Take photos and memories, but leave everything for others to enjoy. Even the smallest items can be homes for tiny creatures.

Probably the most important step in protecting nature, is to foster relationships with it. Friends of the Fox River was founded to empower the public to care for their watershed. And within our mission is to connect people to nature. Children especially need nature play experiences. Together, we Keep on Fixin’ the Fox.