OAKtober is Here

In 2015, October was designated Oak Awareness Month in Illinois, and OAKtober was born. Let’s celebrate! Why celebrate Oaks? Oaks are an exceptional plant genus for a multitude of reasons. Oaks are the genus Quercus derived from the celtic quer, meaning fine and cuez, meaning tree. Here is a short list of benefits: Oaks are … Read more

Fall on the Fox River is a Fabulous Time

Largest Watershed Event It’s Our Fox River Day ’22 was a conclusion to the busy summer season. So many folks representing the entire watershed came together to celebrate OUR Fox River. Over 1000 watershed residents, attended one of over 50 events spanning the entire 200 miles of the Fox River. Event data and photos are … Read more

It’s Our Fox River Day 2022 Makes History

It’s Our Fox River Day 2022 was the largest Fox River watershed celebration event in history! With over 50 different event locations covering the full length from Waukesha, Wisconsin to Ottawa, Illinois, Friends of the Fox River reached its goal of demonstrating the collaboration of caretaking and offering thanks to the Fox River over its … Read more

Who is Telling the Fox River Story?

Alternative Facts We are in an era of emotional opinions about controversial issues that are often fueled by fear and misinformation. It is important to base our opinions upon reality. So where do we go to gather creditable information? One reliable source can be from historical records. Another can be through analyzing scientifically-generated data. In … Read more

It’s Our Fox River Day

Join Friends of the Fox River and over 1000 Friends on September 17, 2022 for the largest watershed-wide celebration of the year! Thinking Like a Watershed To protect and restore a watershed, we must think like a watershed. It’s Our Fox River Day (IOFRD) is a public demonstration of that concept. Managing a resource that … Read more

Donors Meet Duerr

With the on-going mission to build a watershed of caretakers, Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) continues to grow their organization and influence on protecting water quality in many ways. To do that takes many different strategies and always trying new things. August has been a very busy month, much of which was new to … Read more

The Canary in the Coal Mine: A Cautionary Tale

Maybe you have heard of the practice that coal miners used in the pre-modern technology “old days” of mining; they took a canary in a cage with them into the underground mine to detect the presence of deadly gases that would pose a mortal threat to the miners.  The theory was that the canary, more … Read more

Wow! What a Week for
Friends of the Fox River Volunteers

Three events kept us hopping and there’s more to come in August! Rusty RodeoSaturday 8/6 was the Fox River Rusty Rodeo. Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) volunteers joined staff from our partners Kane County Forest Preserve District, Fox Valley Park District, St. Charles Park District, Center for Great Lakes Literacy, and Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana … Read more

 Join Us for Some Playful Work

There is a saying that I have lived by, “Work hard, play hard.” My life’s path has given me the opportunity to follow my passion and blend personal and professional pursuits. Our Friendsof the Fox River (FOTFR) team works hard at building a watershed of caretakers in many ways. It is that time of year to … Read more