Tom Schrader

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a…

Sandhill Crane!  We’re now entering the time of year when the southbound migration of these magnificent birds is starting to get into full swing.  The distinctive, undulating trill of a call that resonates through the autumn skies signals the overflight of another flock of cranes heading toward their southern wintering grounds.  New Settlers in Our … Read more

male Indigo Bunting by Tom Schrader

“Blues” Along the Fox

It’s July and with COVID easing, summer festival season is here! Many municipalities up and down the Fox River Valley have celebrated Independence Day and the beginning of the summer season with public events centered around good music and refreshing food and drink. However, the musical blues aren’t what I’m referring to in the title … Read more

Fox River near Silver Springs July 2020 by Tom Schrader

Reflections on the Fox

By Tom SchraderLifelong Fisherman and Past Friends of the Fox River President Hello fellow citizens of the Fox River watershed!  I have lived in the southern part of our watershed (near Aurora) for my entire 60 years here on Earth.  I have always loved nature, particularly the water, and the plants and animals that live … Read more