Fox River


It’s Our Fox River Day – A Watershed-Wide Celebration

On Saturday, September 17, Friends of the Fox River will coordinate our fourth river-length event on the entire Fox River from Waukesha, Wisconsin to the confluence in Ottawa, Illinois. We are reaching out to Mayors, City Councils, Park Districts and Forest Preserve Districts along the river, along with environmental groups, faith communities, youth organizations and … Read more

You Get What You Give

By Jenni Schiavone Giving Tuesday is today It’s the time of year when opportunities to give to benevolent causes are as abundant and noticeable as all of the brightly colored wrapping paper rolls in shop windows.  For your contemplation today is this old saying, “You get what you give.” In other words, the cause you … Read more

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Friends are important components in our lives. They help us in times of need, whether for emotional support or for giving us a hand. Friends are sought to share our joy and join us for fun experiences. Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) was created to help a friend in need – the Fox River. … Read more

Friend Feature: Maureen and Larry Huey Go Native! 

By Jenni Schiavone, Friends of the Fox River Lead Educator Batavia residents and Friends of the Fox River members Maureen and Larry Huey recently took a giant leap. These passionate and active environmentalists invested in the conversion of their entire Fox River waterfront property from mowed turf to native plants. Maureen and Larry’s inspiration came from … Read more


Fishing Can Sometimes Be “For the Birds”

Whether I’m fishing or hiking, I always keep my eyes open for wildlife either in the woods or along the river. I fish the Fox from a small boat which provides me a comfortable and stable platform for both my fishing and photographic pursuits. Showdown at the Rock Bar I anchored in a spot not … Read more

Close-up of Female barred owl

Mothers in the Wild

By Tom Schrader I know Mother’s Day had been a day of work and celebration for Friends of the Fox River (FOFR) for several years and, in honor of that, I’ve decided that the theme of this column will be focused on a devoted mother of the forest that I have come to know: a … Read more

Fox River near Silver Springs July 2020 by Tom Schrader

Reflections on the Fox

By Tom SchraderLifelong Fisherman and Past Friends of the Fox River President Hello fellow citizens of the Fox River watershed!  I have lived in the southern part of our watershed (near Aurora) for my entire 60 years here on Earth.  I have always loved nature, particularly the water, and the plants and animals that live … Read more

Gary Swick and Otter Creek Middle School

Finding Our Way in a Changing Landscape

By Gary Swick, FOFR President Returning to familiar but different landscapes is commonplace for life in the natural world. Most bird species migrate in the fall; their return in the spring is both an investment in what was there last fall and a gamble that what is needed for survival will still be accessible. The … Read more

1024px-Snapper2 By Rob Duval Own work CC BY-SA 40

Meet Your Submerged Neighbor

By Snappin’ Jack MacRae It’s not too difficult to find a few big old snapping turtles in January and February if you know where to look (under the ice), and have an adventurous streak. Warm clothes are a bonus. During the winter, when local ectothermic animals (e.g., amphibians and reptiles) are undergoing hibernation (or, brumation if you want … Read more


Together, We Can Rebuild the Fox River Ecosystem

By Gary Swick, President Restoring the Systems Working with unified efforts and a sense of collaboration, we can move forward together while we navigate a global pandemic, overcome our national social injustices, and address climate change on all levels. We have challenges ahead but our own successes with the Fox River watershed’s protection and restoration … Read more