2020 Annual Calendar Sale

The Gift That Gives All Year

It’s nice that we reserve at least one season of the year for giving gifts to our family and friends (the Earth only gets a day!). But aren’t too Brian-Butler-Eagle Icemany holiday season gifts long forgotten by Valentine’s Day? Friends of the Fox River has the perfect solution for everyone on your list with a gift that reminds “giftee’s” of your love at least once a month, throughout the year!

Yes. it’s time for our 2020 Calendar and in this edition our annual Photo Contest winners take you on a yearlong trip around the Fox River watershed with stunning photos of “Life on the Fox River”.

We challenged photographers throughout the watershed to capture the beauty and variety of life on the Fox River. Twenty-one photo artists submitted 55 photos that displayed an amazing range of interpretations of the contest’s theme.

New For This New Year

To change things up, deliver more value to the buyer, and inspire the giftee or calendar user with each turn of the page, we’ve paired a famous quote about rivers with each month’s featured photo. A striking synergy created by the combination of image and word creates a depth of feeling in the viewer that goes far beyond the impact of either alone.

Our 2020 calendar is for sale on this page (see below), Calendars are available NOW for delivery by mail.

No Batteries Required!

Along-the-Fox-River Palatinus

Help your loved ones stay oriented in time (if not space), throughout the year with our high quality, high definition, full  color, glossy, 12 month 2020 calendar. Fully guaranteed to provide instant and random access to any month of the year even during power outages, or when you’re off the “grid.” This calendar is so GREEN, it’s beyond solar-power! Even your prepper friends will appreciate this portable, self-contained, lightweight, battery-less planner for when the SHTF!

Fight Calendar Deficit Disorder!Derby- Ekwabet

Protect your loved ones from the myriad of calendar deficit disorders. This calendar reduces the incidence of everything from chronic “Missed Mondays” and “Belated Birthdays“, to the dreaded “Date Dementia.” Noting anniversaries in our calendar has saved marriages!

Order your calendars NOW before they’re all gone and you’re left to depend on some “Net” or “Cloud” to tell you what day it is!

Such A Deal We Have For You

Twilight-Time-on-the-Fox-by-Ira-MarcusBut wait, there’s MORE! Since our 2019 Calendar sold out so quickly last year, we’ve increased our print order, which decreased our per copy cost, and THAT friends, means we can sell our 2019 Calendar to you for the low, low price of $20 AND raise money to support our work protecting the Fox River and creating a watershed of caretakers!

Of course, this is where you come in. You buy calendars now, we protect the river all year.

Seriously Folks

Local protection of natural resources has never been more important. Help Friends of the Fox River protect the river Sonderman fireworkswe love, and the flora and fauna that depend on it, while we work to connect people with the nature that we all depend on.

Calendars are $20 each (cash or check only) if you pick them up at our December 2nd Annual Members Meeting, or at our December 8th Holiday Nature Arts & Crafts Show & Sale.

The Fine Print…

If you’d like to order here (below) and have us mail your calendar(s) to you, the cost of each copy includes $3.95 for shipping and handling. Calendars are shipped 1st Class by U.S. Mail within one business day of receiving your order. You will receive an emailed confirmation when we mail it.

Depot-Pond-McKennaTo order your Calendar for delivery by mail…

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