Divvyback – Being A Better Friend Bamboo

Friends of the Fox River (FOFR) welcomes our new Business Partner Divvyback.

Divvyback offers household, laundry, tissue, and personal care products that you regularly consume which are sustainably produced, and are friendlier to the earth and clean water.

We like Divvyback‘s service because it makes it easier for our members and friends to use products that are friendlier to the earth and clean water while supporting our work to protect the Fox River.

Simply order your choice of monthly shipments of Divvyback‘s products. While you participate, AND you use the donor code: “FOX RIVER SUPPORTER” at checkout, then 50% of profits from your purchases go to Friends of the Fox River.  You win. FOFR wins. The river gets cleaner. Everyone benefits.

Walking the Talk and Giving Back

If you live, work, study and play in the Fox River watershed you already affect local water quality by your consumer choices. The production of products and their disposal can have significant negative environmental impacts. There are alternatives to harmful products that favor a more sustainable relationship with the Earth. These products are often not considered due to small differences in the purchase price. The small savings at checkout can result in large losses in the environment.

Choosing to use sustainable, earth and river-friendly products is a powerful way to do your part.

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Here’s all you do…

*  Go to Shop at Divvyback.com and select products for subscription or purchase.

*  Enter the donor code “FOX RIVER SUPPORTER” in the order form at Checkout.

*  Enjoy the products you use regularly shipped to your home each month.

*  Manage your subscription at any time on Divvyback‘s website.

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