Fall on the Fox River is a Fabulous Time

Largest Watershed Event

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It’s Our Fox River Day ’22 was a conclusion to the busy summer season. So many folks representing the entire watershed came together to celebrate OUR Fox River. Over 1000 watershed residents, attended one of over 50 events spanning the entire 200 miles of the Fox River. Event data and photos are still being accumulated, and a final report will be available soon.

Dam Nite Out – Morning Edition

dam nite out morning edition

Most dams on the Fox River were first constructed 200 years ago to provide mechanical hydro power, and in some cases to produce ice prior to refrigeration. Today, nearly every Fox River dam no longer provides any productive purpose. History and research has provided consistent data that indicates that the most significant action to restore the Fox River is to remove most of the dams. The benefits will be improved habitat for a variety of wildlife (especially fish and mussels), water quality, and human safety. Join Friends of the Fox River at Elgin’s Gail Borden Library at 10:00 am on Saturday October 8th to learn more about the natural and cultural history of our Fox River and its dams. A deep dive into the research will address the common fears and misinformation, and help you be excited about our river’s free flowing future. Register at: http://attend.gailborden.info/events

Fishing Birds of the Fox River:
Nature’s Expert Anglers

egret 11 (1)
Great Egret photographed by Tom Schrader

The Schweitzer Environmental Center has returned to the Second Sunday series of informative in-person presentations. Join Tom Schrader the former Friends of the Fox River President, naturalist, photographer, birder, fisherman, and monthly contributor to our Watershed Weekly. His feature articles and photos, Reflections on the Fox are very popular with our readers, and now you have the opportunity to meet him and hear his stories. Join us for Fishing Birds of the Fox River on Sunday October 9th at 12:30pm. Seating is limited, so please register at: https://friendsofthefoxriver.wildapricot.org/Schweitzer-Second-Sundays

Building a Watershed
Community of Caretakers

The Friends of the Fox River’s education team is in full swing with the fall water quality monitoring season. The team is out hosting several hundred 5th and 6th grade students in their local streams collecting biological, physical, and chemical data. The exercise in data collection has many benefits. The data is important to understand the trends in water quality, and are the first line in defense of identifying threats. Connecting these students to their local streams is crucial to developing a sense of stewardship necessary for developing caretakers.

Fabulous Fox River Trail

fall on the fox by ira marcus
Fall on the Fox captured by photographer Ira Marcus

You are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the Fox River as nature offers the excitement of the fall season. Warm days and cool nights, leaves changing color, birds migrating, and the variety of outdoor recreation opportunities await you. Whether cycling or strolling on the Fox River Trail system, paddling or cruising on the water, and visiting riverside parks you will find that beauty abounds throughout the Fox River Watershed. And while you are out there, please consider bringing a small bag to collect litter. Together, we keep on fixin’ the Fox.