Highlights and News

Spring Emergence

The first day of spring is a day on the calendar, but we know that it is a long process requiring good timing and resilience if you are an emerging plant. Friends of the Fox River  (FOTFR) has selected the onset of spring to be our period of emerging growth. For FOTFR, April and May … Read more

Join the Friends of the Fox River Education Team

Join the exciting world of environmental education with Friendsof the Fox River (FOTFR)! We are currently seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our education team as paid staff, interns, and volunteers. Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) is a leader in providing watershed education for youth and restoring the Fox River through advocacy, cleanups, and public … Read more

Searching for Lessons

Can you resist watching young puppies and kittens play? Their pouncing and wrestling reflect instinctive drives that once were important for survival but are no longer required for our furry pets since the advent of reliable “bowl feeding” by humans. In the wild, adult animals pass on knowledge to offspring to guide their behavior to … Read more

Reflecting on Our Group Read of Raising Kane

Earlier this month, a cohort of kindred spirits visited the Friends of the Fox River at the Schweitzer Environmental Center for lively conversation about Raising Kane, The Fox himself, and what Fox River protection looks like today. The readers were a high-minded slice of Fox River watershed residents including FOTFR Board and staff members, teachers, government officials, ecological restorationists and active, informed voters.

“Whoooo” is Out on the Illinois Prairie this Winter?

I still am, but not the Snowy Owls! Regular readers of this space know that I enjoy looking for Snowy Owls during the winter months.  Over the last several years I have enjoyed searching for, and finding, these beautiful visitors from the Arctic North.  This winter has been no exception, at least in the searching … Read more

I Love My Friend, the Fox River

February offers several reasons to celebrate, such as, Ground Hog Day, President’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Mexico’s Constitution and Flag Day. The big winner though is Valentine’s Day. Like many holidays, the actual honoring of the date has been stretched but the essence is the heart symbol and love messages. As a fourth grader, … Read more

River Restoration Through Dam Removal Update

As an environmental educator and advocate, I personally and professionally strive to have the most accurate and current information to share. Empowering people to care for their environment relies on assimilating information and action. In this case, we are offering an update on river restoration through dam removal and requesting that you be part of … Read more

The State of the Fox River Address

The purpose of any State of the (Union, State, City, Business, Organization) Address is to: “celebrate the community, recognize areas for improvement, and set the policy agenda for the year ahead.” On Sunday January 14th at 12:30, Fox River Watershed’s residents will (hopefully) gather at the Schweitzer Environmental Center at 12:30pm, to do just that. … Read more