More Ways YOU Can Help Protect the Fox River

From the FOFR Library

If you utilize the Fox River and its resources on your weekends, and have been looking for a way to contribute back to your community, maybe you will find the suggestions below helpful. There are several easy ways to help out and do your part! …

Here are several ways to join in and help out the Friends of the Fox River to monitor water quality issues that affect us all:

  1. Join Friends of the Fox River.
  2. Join Friends of the Fox River’s Monitoring Network and become a stream monitor.
  3. Practice water conservation.
  4. Around your home, eliminate polluting runoff:
    • avoid or reduce the use of lawn and garden chemicals.
    • use a car wash, or wash cars on a lawn where soapy water can’t run directly into storm sewers.
    • keep cars in good condition, repairing drips and leaks.
    • recycle used oil and other automotive waste products (pouring them on the street or down storm drains will pollute our waters).
    • revegetate bare soil with native prairie plants to minimize erosion and runoff.
    • direct downspouts away from foundations and driveways to planting beds or grassed areas where water can safely percolate through the soil.
  5. Support community planting of deep-rooted native plants to capture pollutants.
  6. Support the preservation of wetlands to hold flood waters.
  7. Support the preservation of open space where water can soak into the ground.
  8. Promote greenway corridors to buffer streams in the Fox River watershed.
  9. Tell public officials in your community about your interest in protecting the Fox River and explain its value for recreation and quality of life.
  10. Stay informed. Read the news for issues that affect the Fox River.