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Dam Removal Public Comments Deadline

The United States Army Corps of Engineers will be accepting public comments through Monday, November 6, 2023. Comments and/or questions can be sent to Mr. Ryan Johnson, biologist, at: Fox-River-Study@usace.army.mil Visit https://www.lrc.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works-Projects/Fox-River-Connectivity-Habitat-Study-IL/ to learn more about the study and recommendations. The Fox River Study Group (FRSG), which has conducted extensive water quality sampling and river … Read more

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Clams, Dams and Fox River Biodiversity

Clams, Dams and Fox River Biodiversity Friends of the Fox River Director and Professional Engineer Art Malm provides a brief history of the Fox River dams, their importance to the early development of the Fox River Valley, and the services they provide today. He will also discuss the negative impact of the dams on the … Read more


State of the Fox River 2020

Fifty Years of Environmental Protection In this year’s live presentation of the State of the Fox River, I shared my challenge in answering the complex question that I often receive: “How is the Fox River doing?” Since the enactment of the Clean Water Act in 1970 things have been improving. That legislation was a federally … Read more

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Annual State of the Fox River Report

Friends of the Fox River’s President Gary Swick presents his annual “State of the Fox River” review of what’s going on with the Fox River currently, what’s happened since last year, and what’s planned for this year. “Last year we celebrated anniversaries, accomplishments, and activities with party horns. This year we will be putting on … Read more

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State of the Fox River Report

By Gary Swick This year’s State of the Fox River Report is a celebration of things gone well and progress that deserves recognition. But this is an interactive report and celebration! So whenever you see a 👏, please celebrate by standing and yelling, politely clapping, smiling & nodding, or shouting out: “Hell, Yeah!” Ready to … Read more

Will The River Stop Flowing?

By Art Malm, FOTFR Board Member Will the river stop flowing altogether in dry years if the low head dams like the one at Carpentersville are removed? “I remember back in the 60’s when we walked across the top of the Carpentersville dam and it was dry”. This was the memory of a gentleman who … Read more

What Will It Look Like?

By Art Malm, FOTFR Board Member Maybe the first question asked by almost anyone considering dam removal is “what will it look like?”. There aren’t many people left in the Fox Valley who remember what the Fox looked like before the dams were built. Doubtful their grandparents did either. The best way to know what … Read more