Doug Williamson – a Great Friend to the Fox

By Gary Swick

Doug Williamson grew up in Indiana, and finished his high school career in Chicago. From there he headed to DeKalb where he earned two degrees from NIU. Doug’s professional career was mainly within Carpentersville’s Community School District 300 (D300). A teacher there myself, I saw that he wore many hats from social studies teacher, gifted program facilitator, future problem solving team coach, and District Title I Program Facilitator. Doug’s ability to create progressive approaches was well respected.

In the early 90’s, Doug and I found ourselves together in Quincy, Illinois attending a training in the cross-curricular Illinois Rivers Project. About the same time, Friends of the Fox River (FOFR) was born and Doug and I came on as educator/board members. It was an exciting time in education, and we were clearly involved in something that was highly impactful.

Although our individual niches in D300 took us in different directions, he was always present in my personal life as a brother figure. He had a side business that involved training young folks in academic skill building. He improved many ACT scores, but also positively affected his students beyond measurable achievements. Doug returned to Friends of the Fox River as a board member for one term at a time when we really needed his organizational-thinking talents.

Now Doug is back serving FOFR in two significant capacities. He is volunteering his time to help guide us through our strategic planning process. FOFR is currently recruiting its members and associates in this process. You all will soon receive a request to complete a survey, and an invitation for further involvement. In addition, Doug is taking a lead role in redeveloping our partnership with D300 and the Schweitzer Environmental Center.

We welcome Doug back into an active role with FOFR. He is a great friend of the Fox.