OAKtober is Here

In 2015, October was designated Oak Awareness Month in Illinois, and OAKtober was born. Let’s celebrate! Why celebrate Oaks? Oaks are an exceptional plant genus for a multitude of reasons. Oaks are the genus Quercus derived from the celtic quer, meaning fine and cuez, meaning tree. Here is a short list of benefits: Oaks are … Read more

Donors Meet Duerr

With the on-going mission to build a watershed of caretakers, Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) continues to grow their organization and influence on protecting water quality in many ways. To do that takes many different strategies and always trying new things. August has been a very busy month, much of which was new to … Read more

Feast Your Eyes on This View

This month’s featured Friend of the Fox River (FOTFR) is a place – Rosie O’Hare’s Public House at 702 Water Street in East Dundee. Owned by Jamie and Gary Mueller for the past 11 years, Rosie’s (as locals know it) is a fun, friendly neighborhood place to enjoy a meal or drink in the bar … Read more

drought map

How are you handling the drought?

If you look at the lawn, you probably see evidence of drought conditions; brown and brittle leaves. The grass is probably not native to this region, so it goes into a dormant state when conditions are too arid. Intervening with watering can actually make things worse for the plants. Native plants are drought adapted and … Read more