Jenni Kempf

Reflecting on Our Group Read of Raising Kane

Earlier this month, a cohort of kindred spirits visited the Friends of the Fox River at the Schweitzer Environmental Center for lively conversation about Raising Kane, The Fox himself, and what Fox River protection looks like today. The readers were a high-minded slice of Fox River watershed residents including FOTFR Board and staff members, teachers, government officials, ecological restorationists and active, informed voters.

A Splash of 2022’s Education Efforts

The Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) education team was in full steam in 2022 leading field-based learning experiences throughout much of the Fox River Watershed.  Schools from Richmond down to Yorkville and many in between #filledtheboots splashing in their local stream for water quality data collection and stewardship efforts. A FOTFR Education History Lesson … Read more

Full-length Fox River Trippin’ with Friends

“Where did you say you launched from?” asked the owner of a canoe outfit and hangout a few miles from the end of the Fox River.            “Menominee Falls, WI, close to the headwaters. I watched for where the river became navigable and dropped my canoe at the nearest road crossing,” I replied between bites of … Read more

Featured Friend: Hero Jen Shares a River Safety Lesson for Us All

Meet Jen Chrostowski, lifelong resident of the Fox River Valley, recently garnering hero status right in her own backyard. Jen and her family live in unincorporated Algonquin Shores, a quiet, humble neighborhood on the east bank of the river hugging the northernmost border of Kane County.  Both Jen and her husband Jeremy grew up on … Read more

Featured Friend: Richard Wilson

Meet Richard Wilson, Friend of the Fox River and Friend to all of Earth’s inhabitants. Richard is spearheading a brand new Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) service: fishing line removal and disposal from snags between West Dundee and Elgin.  Richard has engineered and assembled all of the tools and equipment needed to remove and properly … Read more

March Madness for FOTFR

Friends of the Fox River kept busy during the month of March by participating in 3 community events. While each event had its respective uniqueness, all of them offered ways for people to connect with their river. The Thom McNamee Memorial St. Patrick’s Day parade offered community members the joy of celebration, while Friends of … Read more

Featured Friend: Michelle Soland

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is call – Michelle Soland Some people are just special.  It’s really that simple.  Meet Michelle Soland, veteran Friend of the Fox River.  She has been a Friends of the Fox River (FOTFR) staple for close to ten years, developing, leading, and assisting with the … Read more