2018 Annual Photography Contest

Our Annual Photography Contest has become a big hit, so we are excited to step it up this year! Our theme this time around is “SEASONS OF THE FOX RIVER.”

We want you to try to capture the beauty of the Fox River in the context of a particular time of year. Spring, summer, fall and winter all have their magical moments and the Fox River expresses its personality in a different way each period. Remember, the Fox River watershed extends from the headwaters near Waukesha to the Illinois River at Ottawa, and includes all the tributaries of the Fox River as well!

Along with your photo, please include a brief description (50+ words or so) of the time and location of your photo, the context, circumstances, weather and any other interesting tidbits to help tell your story. Also, please tell us about your camera, lens and other technical details if you know them (f/stop, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, GPS location, etc.).

This year, there is no entry fee (though donations are welcome!) and the contest is open to both members and non-members. Whether you are a seasoned professional, you consider photography an exciting hobby, or you just have a passing interest, we invite you to submit up to 5 photos for this year’s contest.

The contest begins on March 1 and ends at Midnight on October 15, 2018. You are welcome to submit photos at any time during that period.

Friends of the Fox River will also select 13 of the submitted photos for our 2019 Calendar. So your photo may grace the walls (and refrigerators) of friends throughout the Fox Valley all next  year!

For detailed submission requirements and directions, read or download contest rules here. Then fill out the submission form below.

[gview file=”https://friendsofthefoxriver.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Official-Rules-2018-Friends-of-the-Fox-River-Photography-Contest-3-1-18.pdf”]

For more information please call Eric Pepa at 847-212-6576.

Time is of the essence, so get out there and start clicking!

To submit your photo(s) please fill out this form.

This contest has closed and is no longer accepting entries.