Month: June 2018

students in the stream

Creating a Watershed of Caretakers – May the Next Generation Go Viral

My Gmail automatically adds the following below my signature: “Spreading the Peace with the Planet Virus”. Things such as bacteria, viruses, and fungus usually don’t bring about positive, or warm and fuzzy feelings. But these organisms are essential for ecosystem operation. Bacteria grab nitrogen from the atmosphere for soil fertility. Fungus growing on your wood … Read more

Who Drinks the Fox River?

By Kyla Jacobsen, FOFR Board Member Years ago, people settled and communities grew up along rivers. People and animals had access to water and it was an easy way to transport goods by rafts or floats down the river. There were no dams back in those days and it allowed adequate fish passage, goods passage … Read more


Meet Your Neighbors: Do Birds Poop in the Woods?

by Jack MacRae Most birds do their best to maintain a tidy nest.  Removing eggshells, stray feathers, and bits of food is serious business for avian parents.  And of course, there is loads of excrement. Some baby birds defecate every time they eat, up to 13 times a day.  Fortunately, nature provides disposable bags to help with housekeeping.  Fecal sacs are … Read more