meadow vole

Meet Your Neighbors: Voley Moley!

By Furry Jack MacRae Voles live fast and die young.  There are millions of these mousy rodents in our grassy neighborhoods throughout the Fox River’s watershed, but they almost never make it to their second birthday. Meadow voles have their own cycle of life.  Bio-chronologists have learned voles do not subscribe to a typical 24 hour circadian rhythm, but … Read more

Meet Your Neighbors: Where Do the Ducks Go in Winter?

by Gary Mechanic The hero of J.D.Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” Holden Caulfield famously wanted to know where the ducks go in winter, and who doesn’t? While some of us, and many of our furred and feathered neighbors leave before winter, some that stay survive by using clever tactics. Puff Up, Shiver & Eat Overwintering … Read more